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Child & Adolescent Services

We all want our children to be successful, happy, and healthy. We try to help them overcome obstacles, teach them to know what is good for themselves, empower them to have their own opinions, their own "Self," offer them encouragement, protection, and support. Parenting is a most challenging, most rewarding, most satisfying responsibility and gift.

However it is common for children to experience occasional problems or to face crises as they grow and mature. Significant life events such as a death of a family member, friend, or family pet, divorce, abuse, and a major illness can cause stress that may lead to problems with behavior, mood, sleep, and/or academic and social problems. Anxiety is a reality for us all, and it is particularly difficult to learn to manage as a child or an adolescent. A child's response to life's pressures may become severe and a parent's attempts to help them may not be enough.

Therapy with children differs greatly from therapy with adults. Often times, children are unable to identify or explain the reason for their fears, sadness, anxiety, or disruptive behavior. Meeting children individually offers them the opportunity to share their difficulties and problems with a neutral adult in a safe environment where they can explore alternative coping mechanisms. This kind of therapy takes different forms dependent on the nature of the child or adolescent and the particular problem they are experiencing.

















Individual child/adolescent therapy can help resolve dilemmas, and enhance your child’s quality of life. Children address issues ranging from anxiety, loss, adjustment, depression, anger, and relationship struggles.


Play therapy helps children ages 3-11 to find images, symbols, and words to express feelings, problems, and hidden strengths. Play therapy encourages children toward the free expression of family, social, behavioral, and emotional themes and creatively encourages progress, growth, healing and solutions.






























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