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Our goal is to help you to be better able to recognize and change reactions that play a part in problems and symptoms that exist within your life. Therapy can be more difficult than people realize. But it can also be more fun and inspiring. Our Family Systems Theory approach blended with the study of the sciences takes some of the mystery out of the challenges people face, restoring to you the control of your life you've longed for.


A "therapy hour" consists of 50 minutes. Sessions are:
$150 for individual therapy per hour;
00 for couples therapy; 
$350 for family therapy.
Eighty-minute sessions are $225, $400, and $500 respectively.

Group Therapy Sessions are $100 per person per session.
Fees for coaching, consultation, or counseling with families, businesses, congregations, or other organizations will be determined upon the awarding of the contract for service. Typically, coaching starts at $150/session.
As stated below, the Clinic accepts cash, personal check, Venmo, HSA, and every major credit card, the latter of which carries a 3% processing fee.
Therapy Sessions
Cash, check and credit cards are accepted at the beginning of each
therapy session. Flexible spending, health savings accounts, and other
similar plans are also accepted. There is a 3% processing fee for the use
of credit cards.
Payment for therapy services is due upon your arrival at The Clinic, prior
to the beginning of the therapy hour.
Due to the necessity of submitting a diagnosis to insurance providers, which then becomes part of your permanent record,
The Clinic @ The Montgomery does not bill insurance. However, clients are welcome to file for reimbursement on their own. Dr. Carroll will assist you in doing so.
Be advised, due to a heavy client load, a "24-hour notice" is required for all cancellations, including the initial session. Without proper notice, The Clinic must apply a full-session charge (see above for fee schedule). We understand, however, that emergencies arise. Please be in contact with The Clinic as soon as possible, should this happen to you. Click/Tap on Contact to inform The Clinic of your emergency.
Weddings require a significant amount of time and energy spent planning, preparing, and arranging. This is true for all couples. It is true, also, for those who officiate weddings & civil ceremonies. Dr. Carroll takes the time to get to know each couple, and to craft a ceremony that honors them and their love for one another and encourages all those in attendance to honor their loves and their lives, too.
You deserve the ceremony you have always dreamed of.
Dr. Carroll will diligently strive to provide you with just that!
Dr. Carroll charges $500 for each wedding/civil ceremony. This fee includes:
  • One (1) Pre-Marital/Couple Therapy Session
  • Presence & Leadership at the Wedding Rehearsal
  • Officiating the Wedding Ceremony
  • Completing & Filing All Documentation to the State of Domicile.
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