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Couples Therapy


Relationships can be so very satisfying and can bring great happiness to our life. Intimate relationships can provide the support we need to overcome the overwhelming hardships and difficulties we all experience from one time to another.


However, all too often, couples feel frustrated and powerless when each other’s needs and concerns conflict, when communication breaks down, the blaming begins, and resentment turns to hurt, bitterness, and anger.  Creating a mutually fulfilling partnership requires both individuals to be committed to the strengthening of the relationship.


Couples therapy provides a setting in which both partners can feel safe to examine their thoughts, feelings, and experiences - past and present - leading to a deeper awareness of each's own needs and the needs of others. In this environment you can clarify your thinking, get clear on who you are, what you want, and how you can give yourself what you most need, freeing your partner to be who they are comfortably and safely in relationship with you. You can learn skills that will enhance your relationship, promote intimacy, and sustain your commitment, while preserving your own individual identities.


You are individuals and you always will be. You will each always have your own individual ways to walk, but Couples Therapy can help you to discover that you will find your own way more clearly together with your partner than chances are either of you ever could have alone. Life in relationship is a dance; you have your part to play, and you can play it alone, but how much more beautiful is it when you do it together with the one you love?


Contact The Clinic @ The Montgomery to find a time to begin this life-changing conversation.



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