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Family Therapy


Your family is where you have learned how to be a human being, a functioning member of society, a thinking, feeling, and life-experiencing person. Your family can be your greatest source of support, acceptance, and love.  


However, families are not always this way. Every family is dysfunctional in its own powerful, beautiful, and difficult way. Families can be torn apart by different parenting styles, teenage rebellion, domestic violence, addictions, divorce, death, chronic illness, or other difficulties that create tension, distress, and heartache.


There is help. It is called Family Therapy, which is just that: therapy for the family, the whole family, and everyone gets involved in the healing process.


Family Therapy can help you and your family understand and improve the way members interact with each other, navigate problems, strengthen relationships,and provide encouragement.  Through Family Therapy you can heal emotional wounds, come to understand one another better, and restore a sense of belonging that you may not have experienced for quite some time. You can become the "self" you were intended to be, while healing, restoring, and enjoying your closest relationships - especially the ones that gave you life in the first place: your family.


There will always be wounds in living life in the world. Life can hard; the wounds can be deep. But they can also be clean.


Family Therapy makes space for families to be honest, to be kind, to show compassion, to work to understand one another better, to interrupt the blaming, to forgive, and to make peace, so that there will be no rankling unanswered questions among those you love. May we say and act and be now what we so wish we could become. Family Therapy may be just the help you need.


Contact The Clinic @ The Montgomery to inquire or to schedule your first appointment together.



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